Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Man List
Men have certain jobs they are "expected" to do because of their sex.  (My wife refines this further by referring to them as "penis jobs", and I haven't spent too much time trying to correct her as to what that type of job actually is.)  These jobs are unique to the male in that they involved filth, dead animals, weapons, chainsaws, complicated electronic systems, dangerous plumbing, pest control and making book cases.  In most households these jobs have been translated into chores, habits and other expectations.
Some men create confusion in regards to this system, by actually cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, changing diapers, etc.  Usually these confused genders roles are acceptable to the female as long as she is still in charge of them.  What is rare, however, is crossover of gender roles in the other direction.  For example, you will not find a women who readily takes on operating a chainsaw on a tree leaning on the house, removing a dead possum from the garage or killing a spider/cockroach/wasp in the corner of the bedroom. 
This video deals with some of the dangers we men all have to deal with...usually with very little appreciation by the gentler sex.  Please watch...maybe your significant other will watch it with you. (HA)  Here is the podcast with The Complete Man List. 
What is nearly impossible is trading one of these tasks for something in the other category. Can you imagine?  "Honey, I'll do the laundry and wash the dishes if you dig a hole in the back yard and bury the possum I just extracted from the garage."  

Here are some great deals on some products that will help any man perform his gender specific duties.  Most of these are the best deals you can find.  To indemnify myself, I must add that you shouldn't try to use any of these products at home.  Guns, chainsaws, backhoes, and jack hammers are tools for real men jobs...not for guys like me that would prefer blackening some fish while drinking a glass of white wine. 

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