Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tips for Woman Over 40 Looking for a Man

I have been losing a lot of sleep lately worrying about all the 40 plus year old women that I know that are looking for a new man in their lives. Kitty Kinnin, who tells me she just turned 40 after being 39 for an unspecified number of years says that there are a lot of women in this situation. She tells me that women at 40 are still in the prime of their dating/relationship lives and finding the right man is still high on their list of priorities.

It is sort of conventional wisdom, (at least with men) that for some reason women in this age bracket are at the height of the their sexual desire. While no one really knows for sure if this is truly the case or why, there is sort of a Darwinian explanation for the phenomenon that goes like this. When men are young, (teenage through 40) they are essentially sex crazed. One statistic says that guys in this age group think about sex about every ten seconds.

This level of desire in young men is connected to the human's innate need to reproduce and propagate the species. The conventional wisdom goes on to say that with this much sexual energy being focused on the male of the species, the females can be more choosy and laid back about their choices, again for the benefit of the species. (supposedly, a picky female guarantees that only the men with the best traits to pass on to future generations will get the right to reproduce. These important Darwinian decisions are usually made after 10 Bud Lites in a smokey bar.)

So when a women reaches 40 she starts to notice that men aren’t quite as interested as they used to be. Most women get down on themselves about it, thinking they don’t look as good as they used to. This is plain wrong...just look at Jennifer Anniston, and all her 40 year old friends. The reason that men don't seem as interested as they used to be is that they are thinking about sex every 5 minutes, instead of every 10 seconds. This doesn't seem like a big difference, but it is. It means that the male has more time to think about sports, beer, his car, his job and his that order.

So the Darwinian theory says that women have to pick up the sexual slack to make sure the species survives. This explains a lot of 40 year old female behavior and the development of a brand new type of female called "the Cougar". More on that in another rant.

So Kitty sent me over a list of things that a women over 40 needs to pay attention to when looking for a man. I have posted the list here.

The list is long and detailed, so I will not get into it here. has some surprising components that mostly have to do with how we dress, our personal hygiene and what we do for a living. There are also some traits that are admired, such as unconditional love, tolerance of animals, (especially in the bed) and taste in baubles. Thankfully, looks are barely on the list. the list, then like Kitty did, redact as much of it as you can. Darwin would say that this list artificially interferes with natural selection and the evolution of the species. However, the counter argument is that any guys that don't meet at least half these criteria should not be allowed to breed anyway.

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